Author: Mischa Lin

Objectification at a sex party

Leon and Mischa, I know that a polyamorous person is able to have multiple partners, including sexual partners, and it’s not taboo – even without a formal relationship. Do you feel as a result that people sometimes objectify their partners

Poly medical insurance shortcomings – and how you can help

Dear Mischa and Leon,I have a strange question for you… What are the poly community’s thoughts on medical insurance?   I can’t put both my partners on my medical insurance because they are married to each other and because I

Should I let my partner read my emails?

Hello there, I am new to the poly world and consider myself an enthusiast at this point.  Still doing a lot of research and soul searching.  I think I still have a lot of personal work to do before I

Poly Radio Blah Blah

Don’t miss your chance on Monday to ask us questions live on the phone! Mischa and Leon will be the featured guests on Love Online Radio, with Laura Banks and Susan Winter, from 11 am to noon on Monday, April

Agreeable relationship agreements

Hello Friends,I’m looking for a list of questions that my partner and I can ask ourselves in trying to make an open relationship agreement.Thanks,Negotiating Newbie Hi Newbie! Thanks for addressing what I consider an important but often overlooked part of


Hi! First off, I’d like to thank you on running a great blog. I’m pretty new to polyamory and having this resource really helped me out a few times. I have sort of a general question about feelings of poly

Am I POLY, or just HORNY?

You run a fantastic blog! Thanks for allowing us to ask these sensitive questions in safety and openness. 🙂 I read your excellent post on Open Relationships vs. Polyamory and, after examining my feelings and situation, I’m still uncertain as

And the bad timing award goes to…

Mischa and Leon- First of all, THANK YOU for creating a place where people in all phases of discovering their preferred love and lifestyles – particularly one free from the LACK of anonymity attached to requesting to join the forum