OLNY Presents: Poly Dating 101

Date(s) - January 22, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Manhattan Theater Club Rehearsal Studios


Join a diverse panel of leaders in our community including Effy Blue of Curious Fox, Akabi Daystar of Jersey City Polyamory & Alt Relationship Network, and Stacey of Open Love NY plus some others as we investigate the wide, and sometimes wild world of polyamorous dating! The panelists will participate in a moderated session focusing on the why’s and how’s, successes and lessons learned, and then we will open the floor to questions from attendees.

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019 – 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Manhattan Theater Club Rehearsal Studios
311 W. 43rd Street, 8th Floor (west of 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10036
Subways to Times Square / Port Authority Bus Terminal

$10 at the door ($8 with OLNY member bracelet)
To request a financial waiver for the event, email mischa@openloveny.com


Jeri (moderator) is a member of the OLNY Leadership Team, and runs Jersey City Polyamory & Alt Relationship Network as well as RetroStyle Pin-up Club. She is a dancer with PURE and Jersey City Fashion Week’s 2018 Face of Fashion. Jeri is a third degree student with Academy of Pagan Studies, where she is training to become a High Priestess and certified religious counselor. She is also the other half of Deconstructing Polyamory, and is looking forward to presenting at Poly Living Philly and Southwest LoveFest this year!

Effy is a relationship expert specializing in non-monogamy and other alternative structures. Her coaching philosophy, Relationship by Design, abandons the one-size-fits-all relationship structure that is heavily prescribed by our society. Instead, it advocates conscious and active design of relationships in service of those in it. Effy guides and facilitates this creative process by fearlessly asking the tough questions while constructively offering thoughtful insights. Besides coaching, Effy builds a growing community of Curious Foxes, leads panels and workshops, and speaks at relationship and sexuality conferences around the country.

Akabi is a polyamorous queer geek. They have been educating on polyamory, queer, kink and consent related subjects since 2013. They also help run meetups around the Jersey City area. When not thinking about, reading about, and discussing such things, they enjoy ranting endlessly about superheroes and making art.

Stacey manages technology specialists as a consultant to a major financial institution. She’s out to her friends, family, and employers as bisexual and polyamorous. Stacey serves on the Leadership Team for Open Love NY and she is a video game hobbyist, and a dungeon master for tabletop role playing games.

Jack has been dating in poly/open relationships for almost five years now, going from solo-poly to monogamish to a present attempt at relationship anarchy. He’s an avid martial artist (Brazilian jiu jitsu), public speaker (Toastmasters), and outdoorsman (hiking, camping), he also likes to garden, and if there’s any time left over, do some writing.

Mango (he/him) is an asexual nudist who’s part artist, part nerd, and all goofball. In the date-o-sphere, he’s trying to figure out what type of relationship (if any) would be best for him, and often refers to the split attraction model to do so.