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How to deal with negative feelings (7/29/2017) - Hello, I saw your website and am hoping you can help. My partner and I have been monogamously together for 6 years. Recently, they have fallen for another person but they want to stay together, effectively opening up our relationship.
What sex restrictions are reasonable and when? (7/9/2017) - Hello, Growing up I wanted monogamy because anything else was “not real love”. I didn’t want anything that wasn’t authentic. As a high school girl I started discovering my sexuality, my body, and what turned me on. I started watching
Reader ‘alarmed’ by partners sharing emails (5/22/2017) - Hi, I am extremely new to the poly scene and am still learning community ‘norms.’  In relation to that, I recently read the post on this blog from October 6, 2013 entitled, “Should I let my partner read my emails?” It
Cheating wife wants more from marriage (4/11/2017) - Hello there, In the last three months, I’ve been cheating on my husband (more consistently) with an old flame from over a decade ago. The old flame is in an open marriage and so it was always safe for me
How do I convince my girlfriend to be polyamorous? (3/4/2017) - Hi Mischa and Leon, I’m just looking for a bit of advice. Basically I’ve been with this girl for over a year now and I’m polyamorous. I haven’t made it apparent to anyone before because my past relationships weren’t exclusive
Newbie drowning in “Hunger Games” dating pool (10/17/2016) - Dear Mischa and Leon, OK, so – help. I’ll spare you the intricate details, at least for the moment, and do my best to sum up my dilemma. We’ve been together for 20 years. We were each other’s first at
Can this relationship be saved? (10/4/2016) - Dear Leon and Mischa, So here’s the situation – me and the man I love have been at each other’s throats for weeks now; he’s poly and I have been monogamous to him. For the last month or so he’s
I hate my married partner’s new girlfriend! (9/26/2016) - Hi, I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years with a married woman. I am surprisingly comfortable being in this relationship considering her wife does not know. The married woman and I have been doing this without any idea of
I love two women – how do I stop lying to them? (7/26/2016) - Hello, I hope you guys could give me some insight. I’ll try and make this as short and sweet as I can. Honestly, I am tired of talking about it and thinking about it. Here is my story – I’m
How can I feel compersion for someone I used to know? (2/3/2016) - Hi there Mischa and Leon, I have a partner. He’s married. His wife is wonderful. I’m in a relationship with him, but not her. That’s fine. My partner is interested in a friend of mine. Well, I say friend. It’s
Which direction should this relationship swing? (10/30/2015) - My wife and I have enjoyed swinging as a couple for years, and we decided to look into opening our marriage for solo hookups. We agreed that we’d try some encounters, she told me that she would be OK with
Open relationship threatened by desperate wife (6/4/2015) - Hello. I have been looking for somewhere/someone to talk to and get advice/input on my situation. I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years now; he is married and until now it has been what I consider an affair. He
Couple wants to call the “Poly Police” on friend’s cheating behavior (5/8/2015) - Dear PWA: I have an important question and would like to ask it anonymously.  I am in an open marriage, she and I have full disclosure. I am actually the one who brought her into this lifestyle. She asked me
New girlfriend rattles nervous wife (3/6/2015) - Hello, My husband and I just started our open marriage. We’ve been discussing an open relationship for awhile now. Well, husband met a girl in a show they were in together, and he fell for her. He was hiding it
Female privilege? (9/24/2014) - Hey guys, My boyfriend of 3 years and I recently decided to start seeing other people. I should explain that it was my idea and it took almost a year of talking, reading the same books, more talking, working with
The game of mono-poly (8/7/2014) - Hello lovely bloggers, I’m in a difficult place right now with my emotionally-closest partner. We’ve been in an ethical, mutually-open relationship since the beginning of our relationship, but have been fighting extensively the past couple months. It’s quite complicated, but
Communication with partners’ partners… how much is enough? (6/28/2014) - I’ve got a poly situation and could use your “professional” advice – thanks for writing this column! It’s been really helpful for me in the past and I hope you can be again now. I’m in a romantic, ethically nonmonogamous
Objectification at a sex party (5/2/2014) - Leon and Mischa, I know that a polyamorous person is able to have multiple partners, including sexual partners, and it’s not taboo – even without a formal relationship. Do you feel as a result that people sometimes objectify their partners
Poly medical insurance shortcomings – and how you can help (4/16/2014) - Dear Mischa and Leon,I have a strange question for you… What are the poly community’s thoughts on medical insurance?   I can’t put both my partners on my medical insurance because they are married to each other and because I
Poly people vs Swingers = Montagues and Capulets? (3/31/2014) - Greetings. So, the deal is that am very honest and up front about who my wife and I are when meeting others for the first time; something that I think most people can and would appreciate. I like others to
Kinky conversations aren’t for everyone (10/19/2013) - Hello! I live in NYC and the organized poly events here always seem to be advertised to and heavily attended by people in the local kink community.  I am not into kink, and not interested in dating kinky people, so
Should I let my partner read my emails? (10/6/2013) - Hello there, I am new to the poly world and consider myself an enthusiast at this point.  Still doing a lot of research and soul searching.  I think I still have a lot of personal work to do before I
Poly Radio Blah Blah (4/25/2012) - Don’t miss your chance on Monday to ask us questions live on the phone! Mischa and Leon will be the featured guests on Love Online Radio, with Laura Banks and Susan Winter, from 11 am to noon on Monday, April
Agreeable relationship agreements (3/30/2012) - Hello Friends,I’m looking for a list of questions that my partner and I can ask ourselves in trying to make an open relationship agreement.Thanks,Negotiating Newbie Hi Newbie! Thanks for addressing what I consider an important but often overlooked part of
Poly-saturation? (1/30/2012) - Hi! First off, I’d like to thank you on running a great blog. I’m pretty new to polyamory and having this resource really helped me out a few times. I have sort of a general question about feelings of poly
Am I POLY, or just HORNY? (11/3/2011) - You run a fantastic blog! Thanks for allowing us to ask these sensitive questions in safety and openness. 🙂 I read your excellent post on Open Relationships vs. Polyamory and, after examining my feelings and situation, I’m still uncertain as
And the bad timing award goes to… (10/15/2011) - Mischa and Leon- First of all, THANK YOU for creating a place where people in all phases of discovering their preferred love and lifestyles – particularly one free from the LACK of anonymity attached to requesting to join the forum
Kink beware (10/14/2011) - Lately I have noticed a very big influx of kink into the poly community. I’m not against kink, but I feel that people are who aren’t into kink might be turned off to becoming part of the poly community if
Open relationships vs. polyamory (10/13/2011) - So I’ll start off with my answer to a question that pops up pretty often, and is asked by both veterans and new polypeople, to wit: “What’s the difference between an open relationship, and a poly one?” One way of
Obligatory introductory post (10/13/2011) - Hi everyone, We’re going to try something new here – a poly advice column/blog. Because we’re tired of seeing all the hack advice given out by the Dear Abbys, Dr. Phils and Psychology Today columnists not named Deborah Anapol, who