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Which direction should this relationship swing?

My wife and I have enjoyed swinging as a couple for years, and we decided to look into opening our marriage for solo hookups. We agreed that we’d try some encounters, she told me that she would be OK with

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Open relationship threatened by desperate wife

Hello. I have been looking for somewhere/someone to talk to and get advice/input on my situation. I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years now; he is married and until now it has been what I consider an affair. He

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Couple wants to call the “Poly Police” on friend’s cheating behavior

Dear PWA: I have an important question and would like to ask it anonymously.  I am in an open marriage, she and I have full disclosure. I am actually the one who brought her into this lifestyle. She asked me

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New girlfriend rattles nervous wife

Hello, My husband and I just started our open marriage. We’ve been discussing an open relationship for awhile now. Well, husband met a girl in a show they were in together, and he fell for her. He was hiding it

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